Welcome to ONFARM Consulting

ONFARM Consulting was established in 1996 to provide agricultural advice to South Gippsland farmers in all aspects of dairy and beef production. Since then we have grown to service all grazing areas of Victoria and have gained the reputation for providing sound practical advice that recognises the personal and financial constraints under which a farm business may be operating.

While our core business remains farm based, focusing in particular on the drivers of profit, our services are being called on ever more frequently by the agricultural sector in general, to provide training, facilitation and expertise in project development and management. Our commitment is to a sustainable, profitable, knowledgeable Victorian grazing industry.


Our corporate work for clients including: Australian Dairy processors • Legal practices • Rural planning organizations • Dairy Australia


Our on-farm services, including: Farm business analysis • Grazing management advice • Farm monitoring • Budgeting


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