On Farm Services

At Onfarm Consulting, we assist our clients to meet their objectives, with a “whole-of-farm” approach. We specialise in assisting in decision making with respect to changes to the farm business, whilst keeping a focus on the key elements of people and profit.

Visits range from one-off specific issue sessions to regular visits on a monthly or periodic basis.

We specifically offer:

  • Physical and financial farm business analysis;
  • On farm grazing management advice for dairy, beef and sheep farms;
  • Farm monitoring, management advice and agricultural expertise for absentee farm owners;
  • Farm financial and feed budgeting;
  • Soil fertility testing and interpretation;
  • Farm labour analysis, advice and Human Resources issues;
  • Farm labour analysis, advice and Human Resources issues;
  • Labour, sharefarm and lessee advertising and recruitment;
  • Sharefarm and lease farm agreements/memoranda of understanding;
  • Farm succession planning;
  • Mediation and arbitration in agricultural disputes;
  • Participation in regular farm discussion groups;
  • Benchmarking with other farm businesses.