Corporate Services

ONFARM Consulting offers corporate clients services in the broad categories of education and training relating to the grazing industries, and expert technical advice specific to agricultural issues.

Corporate services are specifically designed to the requirements of our client.

The education and training activities include:

  • Program design and delivery.
  • Seminar and conference and group facilitation.
  • Management and implementation of extension programs particularly in regard to profitable farming systems.
  • Training of agricultural service industry staff.

Services relating to expert technical advice include:

  • Expert witness projects including agricultural legal matters and VCAT planning issues.
  • Loss or impact assessments related to insurance or commercial activities in agriculture.
  • Economic and physical assessments of farm level corporate agricultural projects.
  • Dairy and grazing industry analysis.
  • Industry issues such as milk pricing structures and regulations.
  • Assessment and review of natural resource projects and programs.

Industry projects delivered by ONFARM Consulting include:

  • Fert$mart
  • Our Farm Our Plan
  • Farm Business Analysis and Farm Business Fundamentals
  • Focus Farms
  • Tactics for Tight Times
  • Tactics for Dry Times
  • South Gippsland Dairy Expo panel session.